About Me

My name is Wubeshet Abera, I am 62 working for an international humanitarian organization.

About Ethiopia

- Ethiopia is a country Known as the Land of Origin, believed to be the origin of mankind, formerly known as a country with thirteen months of Sunshine. Located at the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country with the second largest population in the continent. It is a country of ancient culture and civilization with unique heritages like the rock hewn churches in Lalibela and the ruins of an ancient city of Axum with the obelisks and tombs at the northern part to the Sof Omar Caves, the largest cave on the continent located on the south eastern part of the country. - Ethiopia is an ecologically diverse country ranging from the chained mountainous of northern highlands to the Dallol depression, the vast fertile West to the Eastern arid lands, with numerous rivers including Abay (the blue Nile) and the rift valley lakes in the south. Ethiopia also has the second largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the continent. - The Ethiopian calendar has twelve months of exactly 30 days each plus five or six epagomenal days, which comprise a thirteenth month and a seven- to eight-year gap between the Ethiopian and Gregorian calendars. - Though there are more than there are 90 individual languages spoken in Ethiopia, Amharic with its unique alphabet is the official language of the country.

Why I start this Website?

This website is intended to show the beauty of Ethiopia in a glimpse. In doing so I will share the different pictures taken during my travel in different places of the country. The pictures taken while travelling by air or road focused on the landscapes and natural beauty of the country